Quick Answer: What Does Direct Support Professional Mean?

Is a direct support professional considered a healthcare worker?

They are essential workers who are risking their own health daily to provide critical support to people with disabilities.

We hear about other health care professionals – nurses, doctors, nursing assistants – but direct support professionals remain largely invisible..

What are the duties of a direct support professional?

Examples of Direct Support Professional tasks include helping patients with daily activities, accompanying them to doctor appointments, cooking and serving meals, performing light housekeeping duties, running errands, and providing companionship.

Is DSP the same as CNA?

Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and registered Nurses (RN) that are hired to function as a Direct Support Persons (DSPs) may be added to the Health Care Worker Registry as DD Aides if they have: … See the Health Care Worker Registry Instruction Manual for more information.

What is dsp1 certification?

Portfolio-Based DSP Certification (DSP-I, DSP-II) The second level of certification recognizes direct support professionals who have demonstrated competence that is measured and approved by the NADSP and is split between two levels; Direct Support Professional Certified-I and Direct Support Professional Certified-II.

What does Nadsp mean?

National Alliance for Direct Support ProfessionalsThe National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) is a national non-profit whose mission is to elevate the status of direct support professionals by improving practice standards; promoting system reform; and advancing their knowledge, skills and values.

Does DSP certification expire?

You will need to document that you have completed 8 hours of continuing education related to mental wellness and mental health for persons with intellectual or other developmental disabilities every two years. You need to renew your certification every two years.

Is direct support professional a good job?

Our work is a great choice for job seekers who may have restrictive schedules, are seeking work outside normal daytime/office hours, or perhaps want to work weekends only. DSP work may be great as a second job for those seeking to earn extra income.

How do you become a direct support professional?

How to become a direct support professionalGet your high school diploma and driver’s license. Most employers require a minimum of a high school diploma or GED for direct support professionals. … Get certification. … Develop administrative skills. … Show your soft skills. … Build a strong resume.

How much do direct support professionals make a year?

An early career Direct Support Professional with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $11.26 based on 1,914 salaries. A mid-career Direct Support Professional with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $11.72 based on 817 salaries.

How much does a direct support professional make hourly?

The average wage of a direct support professional in the United States is $10.29 per hour, according to the salary comparison website PayScale, and the pay for this job does not change.

How do I get DSP certified?

DSP-II Requirements The 100 hours of Accredited Education E-Badge. At least one Core Competency E-Badge from the Evaluation and Observation competency area. At least one Core Competency E-Badge from the Communication competency area. At least one Core Competency E-Badge from the Professionalism and Ethics competency …

What is a DSP in the medical field?

A Direct Support Professional (DSP) is someone who works directly with people who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. DSPs aim to assist people in realizing their full potential. They help people become integrated and engaged in their community.

What is the salary of DSP officer?

The pay scale of an entry-level Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) officer, under a State Police or Central Police Force, is Rs. 56,100 per month. For an entry-level Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) officer, the salary is Rs. 67,700.