Quick Answer: How Important Is Engine Kill Switch?

Does Hornet have engine kill switch?

The switch gear on the Honda CB Hornet 160R is kind of basic and is placed on the left side only.

It does not get an engine kill switch, which is very much desired..

When should I use an engine kill switch?

Usually Kill Switch helps in Stop/Go Traffic or short halts which saves your fuel without spending time to repeatedly switching ignition ON/OFF by key. Its close to throttle so its easy to turn engine ON/OFF without ON/OFF the electricals of the scooter.

What is the purpose of engine kill switch?

The kill switch or emergency switch or engine shut off/cut off (switch) (even the naming is ambiguous) is a red switch located on the right handle bar of just about every modern motorcycle commercially manufactured today. It is a safety feature that can be used to cut power to the engine in the event of an emergency.

Is it bad to use the kill switch on a motorcycle?

There are more than a few myths surrounding motorcycles, one of which being the use of the kill switch. Depending on who you ask, it’s either perfectly OK or it will do serious harm to your bike.

Will leaving the kill switch on kill the battery?

The kill switch only kills the ignition, it doesn’t drain the battery. They teach you to use the kill switch so if you do crash, you’ll be able to hit it instinctively.

What happens if you hit the kill switch while riding?

If you hit the kill switch and you are in gear and the clutch is engaged the engine and transmission will continue to turn with the wheels. However, since there is no longer spark, the engine will not produce power. … You will hear the tone of the engine change, the bike will slow down, and eventually come to a stop.