Quick Answer: How Can I Get Zong MB?

How activate Zong 50gb?

100 recharge.

The Zong Mega Data Offer gives 50GB data to users for a period of 7 days which can be utilized at night during 1AM to 9AM unlike some offers from networks like Telenor and Jazz….How to subscribe to Zong Mega Data Offer Package?SubscriptionDial *808#Package ChargesRs.

100 recharge2 more rows•Apr 13, 2020.

How can I transfer balance from Zong Sim to MBB?

Dial *6767# from your Master number, the following options will appear:Subscribe bundles.Balance transfer.Recharge Your MBB number.

How can I get free MB on Zong?

Simply dial *9# from any ZONG SIM and enter your MBB number OR send your MBB Number in SMS to 6555….Terms and Conditions:You will receive the Free Resources on the Plus ONE SIM at the time of activation. … If there is no Valid MBB Bundle on the paired MBB Device then free resources will not be posted on the Plus ONE SIM.More items…•

How can I get Zong data?

Zong internet SIM bundles (Dial *6666#)Go to your nearest CSC/Franchise or a Zong retailer and get your internet SIM.Internet SIM can only be activated with a bundle so at the time of purchase Zong representative will activate a bundle of your choice and your Internet SIM will be ready to use.More items…

How can I activate Zong 25gb?

Zong users can avail this offer by dialing *220#…Terms and Conditions:10 GB YouTube volume also includes tapmad TV services.Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 12.5% applies on every recharge.Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% on usage applies.Rs. … Customers will first have to unsubscribe the offer by sending unsub nswp to 6464.More items…•

How can I use Internet for free?

Freedom Pop for Free Internet. … NetZero for Free Internet. … Wi-Fi Free Spot for Free Internet. … Check with your service providers for Free Internet. … Search for a Municipal Wireless Network in Your Area. … Use your Phone as a Hotspot for Free Internet. … Ask a Neighbor for Free Internet. … InstaBridge for Free Internet.

How can I transfer MB from one SIM to another?

How to transfer mb from one phone to another on all the networks. Dial *141*712*11*receiver’s number #.

What is Zong data share bundle?

With Zong Data Share, you can share your data bundles with up to 10 friends and family members. All members can simultaneously enjoy mobile internet with uninterrupted internet browsing, surfing, and online gaming on the go!

How can I transfer MB on Zong?

Zong Now Allows to Share Your Data Bundle with Up to 10 FriendsZong Data Share Bundles. Customers can selected from below data bundles, to be shared with friends:How to Subscribe and Share: Dial *6464*5# & follow the following steps. Step 1: Create Group. … Terms: Zong Share Bundles can co-exist with other data bundles.

How can I get free MB on Zong 2020?

Zong Free Browsing CodesDial *537*2# and enjoy free 1500MB.Type/Dial *568#*11#or *44#or *102# and get free 4GB days.Type/Dial *56*8*23# and enjoy free 500MB.Type/Dial *7863*86# and enjoy free 1GB days.Type/Dial *117*111*2# and enjoy free 2GB Zong data.Type/Dial *563*85*23# and enjoy Zong 1GB data for one week.

What is Zong package?

The most used Zong daily internet packages are as follows: … Daily Basic Premium Internet package offers its customer with 500 MBs of the internet for the duration of 1 day and at the price of Rs 25+tax only and the offer can be subscribed by dialing *6464#; in order to check the remaining data dial *102#.

What is the tax on Zong Internet?

19.5% Sales Tax will be applicable on All Data bundles subscription, Default Internet usage and Out of Bundle usage charges in Baluchistan, KPK, Punjab & Sindh Province.