Question: What Was The Real Book That Tommy Found About?

What are 3 things about the book did she find strange?


The things about the book she found strange is that the pages were crinkly and turned yellow.

The words in the book wouldn’t move as in the telebooks , they were the same when we turn the pages..

Why did Tommy and Margie find the old book strange?

Answer. Margie and Tommy found the book strange because they hadn’t seen any printed book as they belong from 22 generation and they were surprised to see a real. Tommy and margie had telebooks and they hadn’t seen any hard copy of such.

How did Tommy walk away to school?

Answer: Tommy had a mechanical teacher which taught him on all days in a week ok except Sunday and Saturday. When Tommy’s mechanical teacher started malfunctioning, it was being prepared by the county inspector. It took one full month to repair it. This is how Tommy walked away from school.

How does Margie feel about Tommy finding a real book?

Margie and Tommy were amazed by seeing the real book. … He called it waste when they read the book. The pages of book were crinckled and yellow.

How were Margie and Tommy assessed in their subjects?

Margie and Tommy were assessed in their subjects by the mechanical teacher. The mechanical teacher not only taught them, but assessed their academic performance. For assessment both of them had to put in their homework and test papers in a special slot. The mechanical calculated their marks within seconds.

Why did Margie find the book strange?

THEY USED TO STUDY ON TELEVISION SCREEN WHERE THEY COULD READ MULTIPLE BOOKS ON THE SAME SCREEN. Margie and Tommy found the book strange because they hadn’t seen any printed book as they belong from 22 generation and they were surprised to see a real.

Who found the real book in the fun they had?

Isaac Asimov (1920–1992), a Russian-born American writer, is considered one of the great science- fiction authors. He wrote more than 500 books covering virtually all areas of knowledge. Margie even wrote it that night in her diary. On the page headed May 17, 2155, she wrote, “Today Tommy found a real book!”

How was the book that Tommy found different from his own book?

Tommy found It different because It had printed pages on it whereas Tommy’s own book is computer screen.. The book Tommy found belonged to Margie s great grandfather. It was a book made of paper and were yellow and crinkly. The words on the book stood still instead of moving the way they were supposed to on a screen.

Where did Tommy found a real book?

Tommy found the real book on 17 may 2157 from the attic of his house..

What is a telebook?

A book made available in text on a television screen. They turned the pages, which were yellow and crinkly… and then, when they turned back to the page before, it had the same words on it… “Gee,” said Tommy. “What a waste.

Why did Tommy scream with laughter?

Tommy screamed with laughter because Margie thought that in the past the teacher went to the house of the student to teach.

What would Tommy not throw away and why?

It refers to the television screen through which one can read a million of books. Here, Tommy compares the television screen with that of the real printed books. … But, the television screen would not be thrown away by Tommy at any point of time. That’s what he compares with the real books.

What does the real book found by Tommy describe about?

The Brainliest Answer! The book that Tommy found was a old book.It contained words which were not moving, in that book all the stories were printed on paper. Answer: tommy found a real book.