Question: What Do I Do With Old Virgin Box?

Can I use my virgin box as a Freeview box?

Virgin TV boxes are rented & remain Virgin property.

All new TVs have Freeview built in, but you will need to install a rooftop antenna (assuming you have not got one already) as you cannot use the Virgin cable for this either.

There are no free services on their network..

Can you sell Virgin boxes?

Please be aware that Virgin Media informed us that the resale of the TiVo box is not allowed since the buyers won’t be able to use it. Virgin Media will request the buyer to return the box.

How do I end my contract with Virgin Media?

All you need to do is call Virgin Media and select the option ‘If you’re thinking of leaving Virgin Media’. Call 150 from your Virgin Media telephone or call 0345 454 1111 from any other phone to cancel. For more information, do check out our Virgin Media customer service numbers page.

Can I change my virgin package?

One of the simplest and quickest ways to make changes to your broadband, TV and phone services is through your My Virgin Media account. From here you upgrade parts of your package and see some of the top offers we have for you.

What is the latest hub from Virgin?

The Virgin Media Super Hub lets you connect more than 20 different devices so you can play games, download files and stream music simultaneously – and all at rapid speeds. It’s also 5GHz compatible (unlike BT’s Home Hub 3 and routers from other providers).

Can I connect another router to my virgin SuperHub?

“• Plug your cable router’s WAN port into any of the LAN ports on the Hub. On the LAN IP page examine the DHCP lease info; you should see your PC and the second router. Note the MAC address of the router and add it to the DHCP reservation section and give the second router an IP address of say 192.168.

Do old TiVo boxes still work?

For the poor jobless, they still can be used as a DVR with a converter box but the TV lineup won’t be totally accurate. You have to tell the TiVo that it is using satillite and use a DTV converter box and set it up for Dish box.

Can I use a second hand Virgin box?

Only to find out that you can’t use a second hand one on your virgin account as a second box to use in another room. You have to purchase a new one direct from Virgin Media. So all boxes being sold on Ebay are potentialy useless as they can’t be used as intended for.

How much is cancellation fee for Virgin?

We’d charge a 4 month Early Disconnection Fee as this is the remaining period after the standard 30 day notice period we ask for when downgrading or removing services. During the 30 day notice period we charge the normal monthly cost for the services.

Are Virgin v6 boxes wireless?

Both the V6 box and Sky Q come with wireless remote controls that you don’t have to point at the box to change channels. Virgin TV’s uses RF technology, Sky Q uses Bluetooth.

Can I use my TiVo box as a Freeview box?

You can remove all your tv packages from Virgin, keep the Tivo box & just watch all the Freeview channels on it. They do not cut off the signal to the box. You can still record & series link programs.

Can I use my old Virgin TiVo box without subscription?

Without a subscription to Virgin Media, you are not entitled to any service. Also, the TiVo box remains the property of Virgin Media. You should return it to whoever gave it to you as they are liable for its replacement cost.

Can I use my old virgin media hub?

Re: can I still use my virgin hub 1 ?? You can’t. That’s a decision by Virgin Media based on their network requirements. As things change the ‘best option’ for each Hub may change.

Will my virgin box work if I cancel?

Re: If I cancel my Virgin TV contract will I still be able to get Freeview with my V6 box? We get this time and time and time again. The answer is no. VM will ask for the return of the V6 box or they will charge you for it.

Do I have to give 30 days notice to leave Virgin Media?

If you’re on a 30 day rolling contract or you decide to leave us after your minimum fixed term contract period, you’ll just need to give us 30 days’ notice.

How can I get out of my Virgin Media contract without paying?

‘ If you are a Virgin customer and you are out of contract, you’re free to leave at any point and just need to give 30 days’ notice. As the most competitive prices are usually reserved for new customers, you are likely to get a better deal if you switch to a new provider.

Can I use my old virgin router as a wifi extender?

Smallworld – Virgin – What To Do With Your Old Router. … If you have any “Wifi Black Spots” or “Wifi Dead Zones” around the house (areas that don’t receive a good signal or no signal at all) then you could use your old router as a repeater and effectively create a second wireless network in your home.

Can I buy my own TiVo box?

Although it is possible to purchase a DVR rather than renting it from your cable company, you may find that renting has its advantages. If you buy your own DVR, you may also have to purchase the service that goes with it that keeps the DVRs programming up-to-date.

Do you have to return your Virgin Media box?

What happens to my Virgin Media router and set-top box? When you sign up for broadband or TV services with Virgin Media, the router and TV box come as part of the service. You’ll usually be expected to return them when you leave, and the company could charge you for them if you don’t.

Can I use someone else’s TiVo box?

As has always been the case, you can only use the equipment on the account at the registered address. All these boxes are tied to the local cabinet for the address they are allocated too.