Question: Is Water Free On P&O Cruises?

What drinks are free on a P&O cruise?

Here’s a list of everything that is included as part of your standard P&O cruise fare.All-you-can-eat free food.

Unlimited water, tea & coffee.

No tipping.

Live entertainment.

Free hosted activities.

Included recreation.

Complimentary Kids Club.

Family Shows and Parties.More items….

Can you opt out of tipping on P&O Cruises?

As P&O allow you to opt out of paying auto gratuities up until the last day, the crew will not know if you have opted out if you delay making the decision until the last possible moment.

Is food free on P&O Cruises?

Our cruises are all full board and include breakfast, lunch and dinner, meals and snacks, poolside grills, deck barbecues and 24-hour buffets. Room service for breakfast is also included in the price of your holiday.

How much spending money do I need on a cruise?

In general, it’s safe to budget between $12 and $15 per person per day of the cruise. So, for a family of four taking a four-night cruise, bring at least $240 just for onboard tips.

Are drinks included on P&O Cruises?

What drinks are free on P&O Cruises? When you’re deciding whether the drinks package is worth it, you should remember that drinks such as tea, coffee, water, cordial and milk are always available free of charge on P&O Cruises. Fruit juices are also available for free at breakfast time.

Can I take bottled water on P&O Cruises?

To ensure the safety and security of all guests, and in line with Responsible Service of Alcohol guidelines, the following beverage items cannot be brought onboard any P&O Cruises’ ship: Plastic and glass bottled drinks (opened or unopened), including water; … Tetra pack drinks (including fruit juice poppers).

How much are drinks on P&O cruise ships?

Cruise Ship Drinks PricesBottle of BeerGlass of WineNorwegian Cruise Line$5.25$7.00P&O Cruises£2.95£5.50Princess Cruises$4.95$7.25Royal Caribbean$5.50$6.007 more rows•Oct 10, 2017

Can you skip formal night on a cruise?

Don’t skip formal night – REPEAT: DO NOT SKIP FORMAL NIGHT! Gone, for the most part, are the days of tuxedos and ball gowns on “formal night.” There are still cruise lines that require formal wear, including sports jackets for men on formal night. However, in general, cruising has become more casual.

Do you have to pay tips on P&O Cruises?

Great service comes as standard Tipping isn’t needed on our ships so you can relax knowing good service and good times are all part and parcel of your P&O Cruises holiday.

Is drinking water free on P&O Cruises?

Water is freely available from restaurants and bars etc and is free but if you want bottled water you pay. A trick is to just take your favourite water bottle on board and refill using the cups provided they don’t want you refilling the bottle directly from the water dispensers for hygiene reasons.

Are drinks packages on P&O Cruises worth it?

In 2020, P&O drinks packages cost £39.95 per day. The price for two people on a 14-night cruise would be £1,119. If you would normally spend more than that amount on refreshments, then yes, the package is worth it. If not, then you’d be better off paying for your drinks individually.

Do P&O enforce dress codes?

We don’t want to dampen anyone’s fun, but fancy dress and novelty items or clothing are not permitted on our ships; the only exceptions to this are clothing for official P&O Cruises theme nights and seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas.

Are drinks included with meals on P&O Cruises?

The Premium Beverage Package costs $89 per person per day ($79pp per day, pre-purchased before setting off). This package includes everything that The Lot provides, except for energy drinks, espresso coffee and T2 tea. The package is only available on cruises seven nights or longer.