What is a sage? Here are 7 distinct characteristics that sets them apart

15 Characteristics of a Wise Person

What is a sage? Here are 7 distinct characteristics that sets them apart

Proverbs 16:16 states, “How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver!”

This is sage advice, but not really a prevailing attitude in today’s culture. Today, we often see people racking up huge bills on their credit cards because they can’t wait to get the latest and greatest products and services.

We see people with huge homes and expensive cars, but empty, sad hearts. We see people on the brink of destruction due to bad decisions and bad habits. As the proverb says, wisdom, not wealth, gets you through this life successfully.

If you are a wise person, you can wisely manage your finances as well.

If you want to become a wise person, you need to start acting one. Here are some characteristics of a wise person to consider emulating:

Characteristics of a Wise Person

1. They Educate Themselves.
Educate yourself. Wise people learn the basics of personal finance, including information about budgeting, retirement accounts, mortgages, and life insurance. You can’t make solid decisions about money without a deep understanding of all of the elements involved in your finances.

2. They Are Disciplined.
Wise people exercise self-control. If you’ve invested in a stock as a long-term investment opportunity, don’t panic and sell the stock one day of volatility. If you have a set budget, use discipline to stick to your budget as you walk though the shopping mall. Tip: If you have trouble following a budget, try the envelope budgeting system.

3. They Admit Their Mistakes and Learn From Them.
People learn from their mistakes because they must live through the consequences.

For example, if you’ve ever lent money to a friend or relative who wouldn’t pay you back, you are wise if you never lend money to these people again. No matter how hard the fall, always get back up and start again.

Begin by admitting your mistakes, and then use those mistakes as learning opportunities.

4. They Are Patient.
Patience is a virtue, and valuable when it comes to personal finances.

A wise person saves enough money to purchase a fun, new gadget instead of charging it to a credit card. Wise people take their time when making important decisions, buying a new car, or a home.

When you exercise patience, you give yourself a chance to properly gather information, and to weigh all of your options.

5. They Take Instruction Humbly.

A wise person admits that they don’t know everything. They accept the fact that other people are more qualified and more knowledgeable than they are, without dismay. By valuing others’ opinions and knowledge, a wise person opens up to the possibility of acquiring and retaining valuable information. Wise people are not entitled, and they welcome the input of others.

6. They Can Handle Rejection and Failure.
A wise person doesn’t worry about rejection when asking for a promotion during a job performance review. A wise person takes action on side business ideas to earn passive income, without worrying about failure. If you don’t risk failure, you may never obtain significant success.

7. They Know That They Can Only Control Themselves.
Wise people don’t worry about what other people think or what other people do.

They know that they can only control themselves and that what other people think doesn’t matter.

For example, if a wise person lives in a small, modest home because the house was affordable, he or she doesn’t worry about people in larger, costlier homes.

8. They Are Guided by Wisdom.
Wisdom is better than riches. Wealth is important, but does not take precedence over family, friends, and health. Money should be used as a means to achieving one’s goals, but should not be the end goal.

9. They Know Their Priorities.
Wise people put first things first and last things last. They put family time first, before hobbies or free time. They pay off debt, before they buy something new. Wise people have their lives sorted out, and they know where they should direct their attention.

10. They Are Trustworthy and Steadfast.
A wise person treats others as they want to be treated, because they know it will help them, not hurt them. The wise person is who we always go to when we need solid advice. Wise people are who we turn to and who we trust in times of need.

11. They Take Calculated Risks.
Without some risk, there is limited chance of success. Wise people take risks in support of their goals, without endangering themselves or harming others. Most great stories about entrepreneurial success started with someone taking a chance.

12. They Make the Most of Their Relationships.
Wise people understand and revere the power of networking.

They don’t shy away from asking advice of successful friends and family members, and they share their successes with others.

Wise people continue to learn and increase their base of knowledge, and they know this is significantly impacted by the relationships they cultivate.

13. They Don’t Live Beyond Their Means.
Wise people pay their bills on time and only buy things they can afford. They don’t feel pressured to spend money on items they don’t need.

14. They Don’t Pay Full Price.

Wise people clip coupons, sign up for discount clubs, and shop during sales. They don’t mind holding up the line at the grocery store while cashiers ring up coupons (i.e. extreme couponing). They willingly buy half-price sweaters in the summer, and discounted sandals in the winter. They comparison shop online to find the best prices for big purchases, and they never, ever pay full price.

15. They Don’t Squander Money.
Whether it’s a tip, winnings from a poker game, or a well-deserved bonus at work, wise people know they need to save or invest this money.

Many people squander “found” money, but wise people know this money can help them achieve their long-term financial goals.

Instead of wasting this money on something that won’t last or on items they don’t need, wise people put found money to work for them.

Final Word

If it’s true that you can become a wise person by emulating one, this article gives you the blueprint for success.

Whether it’s gaining knowledge, putting family first, or taking risks, there’s a lot to be learned from wise people.

Take a close look at your personal finances to determine whether you make wise financial decisions and how you can improve. It might just the right time for a change.

Do you have wise tips for managing your finances?

Source: https://www.moneycrashers.com/the-three-characteristics-of-a-wise-person/

Brand Archetypes: The Definitive Guide [36 Examples]

What is a sage? Here are 7 distinct characteristics that sets them apart

The Outlaw has a desire for revolution partly to change the world for the better and partly for the anarchy involved. They have a disdain for rules, regulation and conformity that would remove any form of their freedom of choice (or anyone else’s). They are good at the core but anger is part of their motivation, which can become the dominant force. Without a fight, they are lost.

To appeal to an outlaw you need to prove to them first that you see the world as they do. Status Quo and Conformity are the common enemy and showing disdain for either will go a long way to resonating.

Encouraging, facilitating or empowering revolution on the other hand, will make you an instant family (or gang) member.

Formal communication should be avoided and your language and tone should be laced with grit and attitude.

Automobile (Motorcycles)

Destruction Tools

Alternative Apparel

Body Art

The Magician strives to make dreams come true through somewhat mystical ways. They have the ability to take people on a journey of transformation through the experience of a magical moment.

They believe that we are limited only by imagination and defy the common belief of the laws of reality to lead us to a better future.

Magicians have a thirst for knowledge though they don’t willingly share it, rather they use it to show their vision.

The Magician archetype rarely fits a buyer persona but appeals to different personas with their ability to transform. Brands that provide a product or service that take their customers on a transformational journey (Lost to found, Insecurity to security, Worn out to refreshed), could well consider the Magician Archetype as the personality to connect with their audience.



Relaxation / Well-Being


The Hero’s main motivation is to prove their worth through courage and determination.

They work hard in order to have the skills they deem requirements and take pride that their work rate sets them apart from the rest.

They need to meet challenges head-on and carry defeats or failures until they are corrected.

The Hero wants to save the day to prove their worth to themselves but also so the world knows of their ability.

To appeal to a hero you should inspire them and make them feel empowered to succeed and achieve.

They see themselves as upstanding citizens and the bully’s nemesis and they stand up for what’s right.

Hero’s want to rise to their ambitions and brands that can acknowledge those ambitions and encourage the challenge will connect with them.

A Hero wants to be inspired by the possibility to achieve and gratification that comes with it.


Sports Equipment

Outdoor / Tactical Equipment

Emergency Trade Services (Plumbing, Electricity, Locksmiths, Mechanic)

The lover desires to be desired. The experience of Intimacy, closeness and sensual pleasure are what the lover seeks and will use the means they have to achieve it. They are motivated to become more physically and emotionally appealing to increase their capacity to attract others.

They fear being unnoticed, unloved and unwanted and because their passionate desires cloud their judgement, they can easily be misled. Even when Lovers achieve all their desires, they are still fearful of loss.

To appeal to a Lover you need to make them feel attractive or stir their passionate desires for connection and intimacy. Because of their attraction to sensory pleasure, communication and messaging should use sensual language and tone. Imagery and tone of voice are especially important for The Lover archetype.

Brands appealing to Lover personalities can leverage their audiences desire for sensual pleasure through sight, sound, smell or touch. The colour red is especially appealing to The Lover.




Indulgent Food

Indulgent Travel

The Jester is all about having fun and living life in the moment. They not only love having fun themselves, they see it as their duty to be a ray of sunshine in everyone’s life around them.

They are optimists and can’t be kept down long due to their ability to see the good in every situation. Jesters are young at heart and continue their child- nature long after their friends have grown up and become serious.

Magicians, Jesters are rarely a buyer persona but can be a perfect archetype for brands in the business of entertaining or wanting to associate themselves with good times.

Regardless of archetype and personality, everyone s to laugh and provided the context and the timing is right, the Jester personality can be a memorable and loving point of differentiation.

As the Jester Archetype your brand should highlight the light-hearted and positive side of life with a playful and entertaining spirit. Brands that are able to connect with their audience through happiness and laughter can become much-loved brands.


Professional Services

Beer / Larger

Child Services

The Everyman above all wants simply to belong. They tend to blend into society as ‘everybody” and don’t to stand out in the crowd. They’re friendly and easy to talk without being overly funny or overly rude or overly loud.

They lend their trust easily though they fear being rejected. They are relatively positive and strive to fit into the group. They tend to have a liking for most things without being overly passionate about one. The Everyman can be quite d but can also be easily forgotten.

To appeal to an Everyman you need to make them feel a sense of belonging. Brands that revolve around everyday activities might use this archetype with the message that it’s ok to be normal.

Home or family life brands fit this archetype perfectly while elitist positioning or “we’re better” messaging would be a turn-off. Appealing to an Everyman requires honest, humble, friendly and down to earth communication that doesn’t exclude.

Home / Family Life

Comfort Foods

Everyday Apparel

Automobile (Family / Everyday)

The Caregiver is a selfless personality who is driven by the desire to protect and care for others, especially those in need. They are often maternity figures and take those who are in need of care, under their wing until they are stronger to take care of themselves.

This personality is personified perfectly by the nursing profession and though they their effort to be recognised don’t being patronised. Caregivers are not just reactive, they are also preventative and tend to be in and around an event of harm, before or after.

The Caregiver archetype is a perfect fit for brands that help those in need. The people such brands help are often vulnerable and sensitive and require a soft touch. Warm, thoughtful, generous and motherly approach offers a feeling of safety that will appeal to their needs.

A Caregiver brands aim is to make their customers feel secure, protected and cared for. Caregiver brands may need to appeal to wider audiences as they often require external input in order provide care for those in need. In such a case, educational and conscience evoking messages may be the key.

Health & Aged Care




The Ruler desires control above all else and is a dominant personality. They are authoritative in their communication and in their actions and carry a sense of intimidation.

Their goal is for prosperity and success and for that prosperity to trickle down to those that are loyal to his rule. They are confident, responsible and in control of their lives and expect the same from others.

Rulers see themselves at the top of the food chain and aggressively defend that position.

To appeal to a Ruler you must re-affirm their sense of power, control and respect. Rulers want to feel a sense of superiority. That they are part of an exclusive V.I.P. club.

Appealing to the masses will not get the Rulers attention and would more ly turn them off.

Ruler brands must provide their customers with a sense re-affirmation that they are at the top of the ladder of success and are part of an exclusive club.

Automotive (Luxury)

Watch Manufacturers


Formal Wear Apparel

(Any Brands Providing Luxury or High Quality)

The Creator has a desire to create something new and exceptional, that wasn’t previously there, and has enduring value. They need to express themselves with their individual talent and strive to bring their vision to life through that expression. Creators believe that if you imagine it, it can be created but are often stifled by their own desire for perfection.

To appeal to a creator you must celebrate the creative process while inspiring self-expression. Brands that provide the means or tools to express themselves creatively with freedom of choices would be well positioned with the Creator Archetype.

Their communication should stir the desire for the creative process and inspire their customers to express their nature to the best of their ability. Creator brands leverage their audiences’ imagination and their desire to create and innovate.



Information Technology



The innocent is a positive personality with an optimistic outlook on life. They crave safety but ultimately, they want themselves and everyone else to be happy.

They are honest and pure and have no ill-will towards anybody. They don’t hold grudges and believe everyone has the divine right to be who they truly are.

They see beauty in everyone and have a knack to see inner beauty that others don’t.

To appeal to an innocent, you need to earn their trust with simple, honest and most importantly, positive communication. Negative or guilt based communication is a complete turnoff. They need to associate your brand with safety and will feel a connection when their inner beauty is recognised.

Beauty & Skin Products



Fresh Food

(Anything you put in or on the body)

The Sage is a seeker of truth, knowledge and wisdom. Their drive comes from the desire to not only understand the world, but to then share that understanding with others.

They are life-long learners and enjoy expressing their knowledge with philosophical conversations.

They are more ly to pass on their wisdom to someone who can use it to change the world, rather than change the world with it themselves.

To appeal to a sage you need to pay homage to their intelligence as you communicate. Higher level vocabulary with layered or philosophical meaning will be acknowledged and appreciated while over simplified or dumbed down messages will not. They expect factual and well-researched information, which should be watertight to avoid challenges.

Media and News Networks

Schools and Universities

Educational Businesses


Search Engines (Google, Bing)

The explorer has a palpable inner drive to push themselves outside their comfort and conformity of everyday life; into the rugged environment they feel at home in. They are brave, adventurous and love a challenge. The challenges are more about understanding themselves more than proving to others and they are on an everlasting journey of discovery.

To appeal to an explorer, you need to challenge them. Challenging the confines of modern life will also allow you to resonate with them quickly.

You should promote the outdoors and the unknown as the land of the free and challenge them to explore it, with your brand of course. Modern society is the common enemy in which many explorers live.

A stand against such conforms can go a long way to resonating with the explorer and evoking their desires.

Extreme Sports

Outdoor Equipment

Automotive (SUV Category)

Adventure Travel

It’s possible for a brand to break through to their audience as one archetype but to develop a closer alignment to another as it evolves.

Apple is a perfect example of a brand breaking through with one and developing with another.

In 1984, Microsoft dominated the personal computer market. They were very much then, and still remain, a “Ruler” brand.

Apple came to the market with their anti-regime “1984” ad, and with it, a message to the world that they were “The Outlaw” that wanted to right the wrongs of their industry.

Apple ran many more “Outlaw” campaigns, including the hugely successful “I’m a Mac vs I’m a PC”, which signified who best represented their audience; Younger users that wanted more choice and had creative tendencies. This piece by referral candy outline how Apple continue to break the mould.

In 1997, Steve Jobs inspired Apples’ “Think Different” campaign, which celebrated Icons that had changed the world, including creative geniuses such as Bob Dylan, Thomas Edison and Pablo Picasso.

Apple aligned themselves with creatives, encouraged their audience to “Change the World” through their creativity, and provided a tool of self-expression to do so, and so the became a “Creator” brand.

Here, Neil Patel dives into what we can learn from Apple’s Marketing.

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    What is a Sage? Here are 7 distinct characteristics that set them apart..

    What is a sage? Here are 7 distinct characteristics that sets them apart

    A WISE FOOL – is there really such a man?

    Behold, there is! They are called sage souls.

    The definition by Merriam-Webster only got half of the truth.

    Yes, sage souls are wise but quit thinking they’re brooding! They do not sit in one corner and let the time pass by.

    Now, guess what? Sage souls love to be the center of attention. They view the world as a stage and themselves as actors.

    Imagine Miley Cyrus. In fact, she’s a perfect example of a sage. Sages are not quiet, demure types but the best performers the world has ever seen.

    The archetypal Sage isn’t someone who spends their days stroking their beard and thinking about the meaning of life.


    What is a sage? Here are 7 characteristics of a sage:

    “I to do all the talking myself. It saves time, and prevents arguments.” — Oscar Wilde

    1. The world is a stage…

    A sage is not the classical bearded thinker or philosopher you are thinking of.

    They embody the essence of expressive communication. Sages are natural entertainers and attention-seekers.

    You can also find sages who are speakers, actors, raconteurs, storytellers, court jesters, and class clowns. They don’t back down when it comes to public speaking and performance.

    As such, they are very much at home in front of an audience where they take the center stage, relishing the attention.

    2. They are concerned with how they look to others…

    Do you know people who always look their best? It’s ly that they are sage souls.

    One main characteristic of a sage soul is that they rarely go out in public without fixing up and dressing up. They also look good in pictures and on camera.

    If there is a physical appearance that is common to many Sages, it is that they are pleasing to the eye, attractive, distinctive, and eye-catchers.

    3. They love the glitz and glamor

    Because of their concern for self-image, chances are they are one of the most distinguished, beautiful, and handsome people.

    Additionally, they love the glitter and glamour scene. Put them at a party and they surely will be the life of it.

    4. They have the gift of gab

    Sages are considered the wordsmiths of the world. Apart from being great performers, they are also great communicators and masters of verbal expression.

    Their quick wit and verbal skill are unsurpassed. Sages have “the gift of the gab” which comes naturally.

    If you know someone who tends to be melodramatic and exaggerated to produce a dramatic or humorous effect, then that’s a Sage right there.

    Sages have a constant urge to share their wit and wisdom. You will never be bored with a sage because of guaranteed witty banter or wise talks.

    When sages are young, they still lack wisdom so their wit is accompanied by clownish acting. They may appear silly or foolish but there’s so much more to the Sage than just the proverbial bag of wind.

    When Sage’s knowledge and life experience grows, their “act” will also become more cultured and polished. But they have a natural affinity for humor so they can be outstanding comedians.

    6. They are natural teachers

    Sages have the natural inclination to teach. But they are not the boring teachers you are used to.

    Their brand of teaching are usually not formal – they teach using satire, humor, or playful banter. That way, they catch your attention which makes it hard for you not to listen.

    They are wise and perceptive, sharing the information they assimilated to the world.

    7. They are extroverts

    Sages are the stereotypical extroverts of the world. They are not shy and retiring especially if the Sage soul is young. Instead, they are outwardly focused, energetic, outspoken, exuberant, and larger-than-life.

    As the soul gets mature, Sages become more thoughtful and increasingly philosophical.

    The evolution of a sage soul

    According to reincarnation, the soul’s journey is a process of evolving. So, the body and personality that you have now are merely the vehicles you have chosen for this latest step in your journey.

    There are five major stages of evolution through reincarnation. Within each of the stages, there are seven increments to be completed. The 5 major stages are:

    • I. Infant Soul
    • II. Baby Soul
    • III. Young Soul
    • IV. Mature Soul
    • VI. Old Soul

    As such, Sage souls also go through these stages. Here is what a Sage soul in every stage looks :

    Infant Sage – They are impulsive and selfish. Because they are still being exposed to the world, they act on impulse or habit with little or no thought for consequences.

    Baby Sage – Baby Sages tend to specialize in the dramatic expression of rules, dogma, law, and order. The question is, which side of the law do they lean to? That is up to them.

    Examples of Baby Sages are Al Capone (the American gangster), Nikita Khrushchev (Soviet leader), and the televangelist Jimmy Swaggart.

    Young  Sage – Young sages are characterized by being extrovert attention-seekers. Because they love the glitz and glamor, they are drawn to seek fame and fortune.

    Miley Cyrus, Jim Carrey, Mariah Carey, Eminem, and Nicki Minaj are examples of Young Sages.

    Mature Sage – Mature ones retain their gift of gab but they are now more thoughtful and sophisticated.

    They still have the flair for drama, exemplified by William Shakespeare himself. His love for dramatic elements is shown through his plays, which are oftentimes considered a kind of play within a play.

    Old Sage – These Sages have already developed the mastery of expressive communication. They are already very comfortable in their own skin.

    A perfect example is Osho, who created a kind of fanatical group and has written a lot of his teachings.

    How to become successful if you are a Sage soul

    Modern research confirms what ancient societies have known all along – those who are the wisest are those who have had rich experiences and have learned from them.

    Sage souls are lucky because they soak up knowledge sponges. If you are a Sage, consider these aspects of learning from experience to help you become successful in today’s world:

    1. Solicit feedback regularly

    Ask people what they think of you because you may not be achieving the impact you are expecting. Take it as constructive criticism and adjust your approach.

    Don’t forget to appreciate the feedback that you receive. Do not be defensive and seek to understand rather than to be understood, instead.

    2. Reflect

    All successful people know how to reflect on their recent performance and behavior. So, take time every day to reflect on the day’s work and interactions.

    The key to reflection is being objective in your self-assessment. Be self-critical but also acknowledge success whenever warranted.

    3. Know your strengths and weaknesses

    As you collect feedback and reflect on it, know where you are lacking and where you are strong.

    The reason why you need to know is for you to improve your weaknesses and leverage your strengths.

    Sages are different from philosophers. While the latter wants to understand life to become happy, the Sage already embodies and expresses happiness.

    That is why a Sage enjoys and notices both surprising connections and amusing contrasts, and then takes pleasure in relaying these insights to others.

    According to the 7 Personality Types, Sage souls already know about life that they already move on to the next level – enjoying life.

    Now, what they do is share what they learned and make life a little bit brighter. Isn’t that what we all need?

    Learn how to reduce stress, cultivate healthy relationships, handle people you don't and find your place in the world.

    Success! Now check your email to confirm your subscription.

    Source: https://hackspirit.com/what-is-a-sage/

    Twin Flame & Soulmate Signs

    What is a sage? Here are 7 distinct characteristics that sets them apart

    The Twin Flame Sacred UnionWhat Is The Twin Flame?

    The Twin Flame (TF) Sacred Union is one of the primary interests of my callers. Twin flames, also called twin souls, are literally the other half of our soul.

    We each have only one twin, and generally after being split the two went their separate ways, incarnating over and over to gather human experience before coming back together.

    Ideally, this happens in both of their last lifetimes on the planet so they can ascend together. So you probably haven't had many lifetimes with your twin.

    Each twin is a complete soul, not half a soul. It is their task to become more whole, balancing their female and male sides, and ideally become enlightened, before reuniting with their twin.

    This reunion is of two complete and whole beings. All other relationships through all our lives could be said to be “practice” for the twin, the ultimate relationship. Okay, I Get It.

    But What's A Soulmate Then?

    Soulmates are our soul family, the ones we do have many lifetimes and experiences with, who help us grow and evolve, create and dissipate karma.

    According to ancient wisdom, when the soul is “born” or descended from Source, it is created in a group. The souls in this group are our soulmates, ones who are very us in frequency makeup.

    Then each of these souls is split into two, creating the twins.

    A soulmate is someone you are close to at a soul level, and with whom you have had many shared experiences in different lifetimes, in various kinds of relationships — siblings, parent-child, best friend, as well as romantic relationships.

    There is a deep love for each other, and a spiritual bond that sets them apart from the superficiality of most other people in your life. Conversations are generally deep, about personal growth and service to make the world a better place.

    We can have many soulmates in our lives, and they come to us to help us grow spiritually.What's The List Of Requirements For Twin Flames?

    Yes, there is basically a short list. When I was younger, I used to listen to the radio. I used to hear The Cult. I Ian Astbury. I especially Ian when he sings 'Sweet Soul Sister' or 'Fire Woman.' Ian is hot. And we have the same hair. We're both great dancers, too. And he's older.

    lives far away from me and loves music as much as I do. But he ins't my Twin Flame. He's also not my Soulmate. Ian, as hot as he may be and as great of a platform he has to make positive change (famous musician, although the majority of Twins are far from famous) Ian Astbury is NOT my Twin Flame.

    I have never met Ian Astbury and most ly, I never will. My twin flame is right here with me.

    In short, I often hear of many people believing their “TF” is someone on whom they have fixated. Usually, the person they believe to be their TF is absolutely not, although they believe whole-heartedly they will connect or reconnect with their beloved what some unscrupulous psychic or advisor told them.

    Or, because of what they have chosen to believe due to justification for the rejection. While fantasy is part of life and part of us being blessed with a vivid imagination, it really bothers me when people shut-out other options due to these false beliefs.

    By “waiting” for some supposed TF, you're literally closing the door on other romantic prospects and worse, your opportunity for true happiness. And this also negates the reason why Twin Flames exist in the first place which is the Divine Mission. Twins are notoriously mission-focused versus being obsession-romantic focused.

    This is due to their ascension.Yes, Twin Flames do exist. And, a good amount of the time they have connected. But many of the Twins who come to me for advice are with the wrong person all together. Or waiting for the wrong person all together.

    I try to teach them this: Just because YOU feel a connection with another person does NOT mean they feel it too. Again, just because I and admire Ian's music, I do not know him as a person (nor do I particularly want to) and he is not my TF. The Criteria:

    There are very specific criteria to Twin Flames. Here is the very, very short list. Please remember that not all of these will be specific to you. This is simply a very basic “overview” of what some twin flames happen to encounter on their journey to union.

    BIRTH DATES: There will be something unique in the birth dates. There are countless possible variations on the birth date numerology. Here's a little example: They will possibly be born within 2 days of you and often will be under the same sign, astrologically. Example: Both fire signs, both air signs, and so on.

    If they are not born within days of you there will be something else unique in the birth dates. Maybe you two met on the date of one of your birthdays. There will be something curious. If they are not close in are then there might be an age difference. Often the twins are at least 15 but never more than 22 years in age difference. They will again be born under the same element sign (i.e.

    , both fire, etc., such as Gemeni/Aquarius.) Thinking of this, I really hope my mom isn't my twin. Just kidding. And if you just said that's impossible, you're correct! Your TF will be of the opposite sex energy and not related to you. There will be one male energy and one female energy.

    I have seen some same sex twin flame sets but there is always a distinct male and female energy present: The Yin and Yang is very present in the connection.

    OBSTACLES: There will be obstacles and they might even seem extremely strange to you. Maybe you're both partnered and didn't expect such an event to happen in your lives. Maybe you happen to have an obstacle of geography, where you are both located in proximity to each other. Perhaps it's the obstacle of age.

    Perhaps it's the obstacle of family blessing the union. While rare, perhaps you met in a situation such as at the workplace where there are rules against dating coworkers in place. Perhaps you have financial obstacles. Perhaps you face strange and the ordinary obstacles.

    There will be some obstacles in place and it is part of the journey to union to hurdle your obstacles.

    LOCATION: Most of the time, you will be located quite a distance away from one another. Same countries, different areas. Usually, if you could draw a line with a pencil from yourself to the furthest point from you in your own country, this will tell you where your TF ly resides.

    Or, of course keeping with the current trend, you will be in the same area and within 11 (there's the 11 again) miles from you. Sometimes twins will be located across the street from one another. There will always be an interesting synchronicity. If you look carefully you will find it.

    How far do you live in distance? Add to the single digit, is that one of your Life Path numbers or Joined Life Path Numbers? Notice the interesting syncs.

    CONNECTION: People keep changing the dates on when “All Twins will achieve Union.” It was 15 December 2015 “when all twins will be in union by this or that date,” then someone said December 2018. Everyone had a prediction.

    Normally I post the latest ideas right here but every super moon someone else has yet another prediction. I'm sorry, but it's March of 2019 right now and frankly Twin Flames will continue to achieve Union until God sees fit to create a change.

    That's my opinion! 

    RUNNING STAGES: Each TF goes through a period of “running.” It is usually cleared up and they come back together within 8 months of time. This isn't a “twin flame rule,” this is just what many have experienced. The Runner / Chaser Dynamic is something every twin flame experiences. One will run while the other chases.

    Then, the other twin begins to run even after his or her enlightened partner returns. This happens so that both twins can experience all aspects of the journey to union including being both the runner as well as the chaser. From the time they finally reunite completely, they begin to form a sort of “platform” from which to make positive change.

    Sabotage is very present in the relationship on the part of at least one twin. Sometimes this is even self-sabotage.

    MANIFESTATION & SYNCHRONICITY: Twins are constantly seeing the 11:11 Universal Signs and manifesting. Manifestation happens constantly.

    An example of manifestation would be if you speak aloud or even think to yourself that you desire something, then your twin will, without your having to tell them, will produce it. Or, you will come across or receive whatever it was that you desired.

    Twin flames on their own usually don't realize how talented they are at manifesting. Manifestation will happen with BOTH twins, and it will happen all the time.

    11:11 is not the only universal sync you will see! Keep a lookout for repeating numbers – names – anything that triggers you and gets your attention. These syncs are in place to grab your attention in order to deliver the signs. The signs are the messages. Pay attention to these signs for guidance. 

    CHARACTERISTICS: The TF will mirror you quite well. They will, upon connection, often be in a relationship or marriage with another person (Karmic soulmates) that they get to suffer through as “pre-payment” for Karma even though twin souls do not necessarily have any negative Karma.

    And also, in order to have certain children (Indigo or “old soul”/ extreme intelligence and another story for another time.) Your TF will be the ideal mirror of you, and your “polar opposite” traits will compliment one another well, but you'll potentially be from totally different backgrounds or lifestyles on many different levels.

    The TF will desire to stay with their Karmic Soulmate until reality hits them, at which time they will flee -back to their TF. Very Romeo & Juliet, yes? But the TF will have habits and characteristics that annoy the heck you. He or she will mirror you, thus confronting you with ALL your own traits.

    He or she will also have characteristics which you do not; quite the opposite of you. For example, you might be an avid smoker. This habit will annoy your twin to no end. They would be the opposite of everything smoking stands for.

    You might be the cop who smokes pot on his off days and your TF will be the nurse who champions the campaign against medical marijuana. THE OPPOSITES. But there is good reason for this: TWIN FLAMES ARE YIN AND YANG AND YIN AND YANG ARE EXACT OPPOSITES.

    But as far as careers, you will ly BOTH be in a “caregiver” or an “assisting” position or a career that places you on a platform with many people you come in contact with daily (such as a lawyer, a police officer, or a nurse or perhaps an engineer or teacher.) The intimacy aspect of the relationship will be intense, constant and you'll both have equal interest in physical intimacy. Nice compliment.

    DOESN'T SOUND EXACTLY YOUR STORY WITH YOUR TWIN FLAME? Do you have any clue how rare the Twin Flame Scared Union is? There are said to be only 144,000 Souls. That means 72,000 twin couples. Is this true? And what about those False Twins also known as Counterfeit Twins? 

    But False Twins? 

    It is possible to experience the False Twin or the relationship with a Karmic Soulmate or Catalyst Soulmate. But remember, these are not all bad! These relationships can be difficult, and be extremely stressful and actually mirror the Twin Flame energy, identically.

    Your REAL Twin Flame may not even be incarnate and is acting as a guide from the heavens to lead you to your proper true soulmate and state of happiness. If you have ever found yourself saying, “Wow.

    This person is the male (or female) version of me,” and it is not because of the simple fact that you have been married to or partnered with them for such a long time, they could be your ideal romantic soulmate or even a twin flame. Although extremely rare, the twin flame union is happening all the time, all around. 

    As your personal coach I will guide you to the one who is your true ideal romantic soulmate or twin flame. And if you are not certain of who your true soulmate happens to be, I will teach you the techniques you'll need to know in order to attract them. You deserve true happiness. I hope you are enjoying my blog articles.

    Source: https://sagestyle.net/blogs/free-advice/77251716-twin-flame-soulmate-signs